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DPLN‐HC DURTEX HC PRO Детектор пропан-бутана, метана.

DPLN‐HC DURTEX HC PRO Детектор пропан-бутана, метана.


Детектор пропан-бутана, метана (в пластиковом корпусе), RS485, для использования с панелью управления SIDEGAS.

Technology Catalytic sensor and microprocessor Voltage supply From 10V - 30V DC Maximum consumption 60mA at 12V DC Max. loop resistance (4-20mA) 250Ω Max. current output (4-20mA) 21.3 mA (Tip) Fault loop current (4-20mA) < 2mA Measurement range 0-100% L.E.L. Methane -linear full rangeResolution ±1% L.E.L. of measurement range Zero deviation ± 7mV/year Span deviation ± 9% L.E.L./ year Stabilization time < 15 min –all specificationsResponse time T50/T90 3s & 8s respectively Useful life (MTBF) 4 years approx. Maintenance time Recommended once per year Temperature range -20ºC to +70ºC Humidity range 0 to 95% HR with no condensation RS485C Detectors CODE DESCRIPTION DPLN-HC Detector for explosive gases DPLN-HCr Detector for explosive gases provided of relay DPLNACT Detector for acetylene DPLNACTr Detector for acetylene provided of relay 4-20mA Detectors CODE DESCRIPTION DPLN4*** Detector for explosive gases DPLN4*** r Detector for explosive gases provided of relay ***Add at the end of the code the three letters corresponding to the selected gas Ex: For styrene, code would be DPLN4EST (adding “r” at the end if output relay is required) Natural gas, methane NAT, butane BUP, propane PRO, hydrogen HID, ammonia –exp- AMN, hexane HEX, ethylene ETI, butyl acetate ABT, ethyl acetate AET, acetone ACA, acetic acid ACE, acetylene ACT, isobutyl alcohol ABU, isopropilic alcohol AIP, benzene BCN, butyl methyl ketone BMC, cyclohexane CHX, cyclopentane CHP, decane DEC, dioxane DIO, ethane ETO, ethanol ETA, heptane HEP, methanol MTL, methyl ethyl ketone (butanone) EMC, nonane NON, octane OCT, pentane PEN, propanol PRL, propylene PRE, styrene EST, toluene TOL, xilene XIL (others, consult). Pressure limits 1 Atm ± 10% Connections 4-20mA 3 wires + earth ground mesh Connections RS485C 4 wires Loop & sensor fault optical indicator External Communications state optical indicator External Programmable alarm relay -optional- 2 programmable alarm levels, instantaneous/delayed disconnection, disconnection retard programming. Starting programming: idle mode relay. Coverage area 16 m2 approx. Protection Grade IP65 Box material Makrolon & ABS Cable diameter 6-10mm2 Cable type (4-20mA) Shield type cable 3x1,5mm Ø Cable Type (RS485C) 4 wires 2x1,5mm 2x0,25mm Ø Installation max distance 650m (RS485C), 300m (4-20mA) Dimensions -mm- 120 x 160 x 60 Weight -gr- 288 approx.

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